Joseph Beuys – National Socialist and Steiner admirer

“[Joseph Beuys] never distanced himself from his youth or the Nazi regime.”

Beuys longtime patron, “founded his fortune by benefiting from the expropriation of his Jewish partners,”

“Karl Fastabend, Beuys secretary, who in the 1970s formulated almost all political texts for Beuys, was a Nazi of the first hour, a SA man, a SS man”,

“Werner Georg Haverbeck, in whose ‘Collegium Humanum’ various meetings of the early Greens took place, has been a “NSDAP member already in 1928”.
"After the war, he was pastor of the anthroposophical ‚Christ community’, but also head of the right-wing ‘Life-protection Organization’.”

For many myths – such as the “Tatar legend”, which the artist revolves around his work – are phantasms. Riegel says that the “fairy tales” served above all to distract attention from the fact that Beuys only translated the teachings of Rudolf Steiner into three-dimensional works: “He would have failed to realize that his works were dedicated to Steiner’s muddled ideas. ” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 09.05.2018 – “The confused right-wing ideas of Joseph Beuys” on the Beuys biographer Hans Peter Riegel.

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