Wifi disturbs the thought waves

 “The understanding among those people who have something to say of higher worlds was easier in the old days, because at that time you spoke from the direction of the holy sites, and the thought waves sent from such sites of the world, were not exposed to the waves of wireless telegraphy. “(Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner – “Talks to members of the Anthroposophical Society – ‘Initiation knowledge’”, complete works volume 227 (GA227, page 305) (via)

Shock therapy for Waldorf kids

“If you walk past a group of lethargic pupils, you can hit with a bunch of keys on the table, allowing you to produce a shock.

We must combat this irregular interconnectedness of the etheric body with the physical body by acting on the unconscious.

You will always have to find another way to shock them and evoke what they do not like to do. “ (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner – ”Lectures on education. Lectures and courses, held for the teachers of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart”, complete works volume 295 (GA295, page 25)

Schöne weiße Menschen

“So dass Sie, vom Hals her ausgehend, die Hormondrüsen des Halses, der Schilddrüse haben, die also bewirken, dass Sie nicht lallen, sondern sprechen, dass Sie mit Ihrer Sprache Gedanken verknüpfen können und so weiter.

Sie haben Hormondrüsen in den Nebennieren; die bewirken, dass Sie nicht schwarz werden, sondern schöne weiße Menschen bleiben und so weiter.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Quelle: Rudolf Steiner über die Schilddrüse, GA348, S.79

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