Amphibic humans and fire breath

Dr. Steiner: “There you have the old amphibians and reptiles, that is where man in his outer shape is still like jelly; he is merely created amphibic.”

X.: “But there still is the fire breath!”

Dr. Steiner: “But these beasts do breathe fire, Archaeopteryx for example.”

X.: “So those animals seen in museums these days, they were still breathing fire?”

Dr. Steiner: “Yes, all those that belong to the dinosaurs, they belonged to the tertirary.”

Source: Rudolf Steiner, “Seminars with the teachers of the Free Waldorf Schools in Stuttgart”, 1919 bis 1924, GA300, page 87

We must tell children about Atlantis


“We show, that the british isles have risen and fallen four times. That is where we come back to the term of old Atlantis, in a geological way. That can be determined by the layers.

So we try to put these things into context, but we must not resile to tell children about the old land of Atlantis. We must not skip this.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, Quote and drawing: ”Seminars with teachers of the Free Waldorf Schools in Stuttgart”, 1919 bis 1924, GA300, pages 84-85

The child needed its death underneath the moving van

“So the child was dead. The outer, materialistic view could say: Well, by accident the moving van tilted over at this hour, the child got underneath it and got squashed. From a spiritual view, this is utter nonsense.

Because what we have got here is the childs karma, and the childs karma guided every single circumstance. It also guided the moving van just in the hour, in which the child needed its death; because the childs karma wanted it this way.”(Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, “Vorträge vor Mitgliedern der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft”, GA159, page 42. More at:

Demons in human shape

“One really doesnt like to talk about these things, since we are already being treated hostile a lot. Imagine what people would say when they hear that there are humans, that are not human. But these are facts.

We wouldnt have this decadence of culture, if there was a strong sentiment for the fact that you have people walking around, that are becoming something that is not humans, but demons in human shape.

But we dont want to trumpet this. The enmity is already big enough.”(Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, Gesamtausgabe – Ergänzungen zu den pädagogischen Grundkursen, GA300c

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