Heads are round beacuse the universe is round

“But mans head is being generated by the whole universe.

It also is an image, an effigy of space. The reason why it is round on top is, because its shaped in the likeness of outer space.

All of the starry sky acts upon the skull. This is not a fantastic idea.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, “On health and illness”. Second lecture in Dornach, October 24th, 1922. GA348, page 53

Kidneys from Jupiter

“In reference of what is evolving in the mothers body, people are so stupid as to say: That is caused by fertilization.

When my lung is built, the head received the power to build the lungs from outer space. Specially when the kidneys are built, man received powers from outer space, from Jupiter for example.

Well, these are not fantastic ideas.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, “On health and illness", Second lecture in Dornach, 24. Oktober 1922, GA348, page 53

Blacks suck up light and warmth from space

“Those blacks in africa have the nature to suck up all the light and wamth from space. They consume that. And that light and that warmth in space can not pass through the whole body, because man always is man, even when he is black.

It does not pass through the whole body, but stays on the surface of the skin, and then the skin itself turns black.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, Lecture on March 3rd, 1923 in Dornach. Quote by Humanistische Aktion.