Science equals Jesus squared

“The fact is that two Jesus children were born, not one.

One died in his twelfth year, and the other one was woken suddenly by this shocking event, and has had the wisdom of the other child.

I did not come up with that. I found this as a result of my research. And that’s why I’m talking about the two Jesus children, just from a certain science that others do not have. “ (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner – ”On the life of man and the earth. About the essence of Christianity“, complete works volume 349 (GA349, page 211)

Financially and press-mighty jews

 "To put an end to a growing spiritual movement that seemed dangerous to own intentions, the otherwise mutually feuding parties combined. Pan-German, Catholic, Protestant pastors, Communists and representatives of science were united in this endeavor. And the powerful financial and Press mighty Jewish circles did everything they could to support the desire to annihilate the enemies by means of inflammatory articles “(Marie Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiners wife, Marie Steiner, foreword to the first volume of Steiners complete works (”Gesamt-Ausgabe”), GA260, page 13. (via/via)

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