Financially and press-mighty jews

 "To put an end to a growing spiritual movement that seemed dangerous to own intentions, the otherwise mutually feuding parties combined. Pan-German, Catholic, Protestant pastors, Communists and representatives of science were united in this endeavor. And the powerful financial and Press mighty Jewish circles did everything they could to support the desire to annihilate the enemies by means of inflammatory articles “(Marie Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiners wife, Marie Steiner, foreword to the first volume of Steiners complete works (”Gesamt-Ausgabe”), GA260, page 13. (via/via)

The subsensible demonic

“You need the stupid or the Negroid to prepare the spicy seasoning; you pour the dying – not the deliquescent in sick euphony. One would also enjoy the subsensible demonic, which in turn emerges from the Negroid.“ (Marie Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiners wife, Marie Steiner in “Creative Language” – a preface to the first edition (1926) of Rudolf
Steiner/Marie Steiner von Sivers’ “Speech and Dramatic Arts”. GA 282, Dornach 1969, page 390. (via Action for the children of the Holocaust)

Jews are worse than anti-Semites

“I consider the anti-Semites to be innocuous people. The best among them are like children. They want to have something that they can ascribe the blame for an evil to which they are suffering. (…)

Much worse than the anti-Semites are the heartless leaders of the Europe-weary Jews, Herzl and Nordau.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner – “Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Kultur- und Zeitgeschichte” (GA31, p198) on anti-Semitism, Theodor Herzl and Max Nordau


one who can approach these things clairvoyantly knows that there are entities on the scene of the moon, in a certain respect
humanlike beings, only that they are dwarves, for they hardly
reach the level a six or seven year old child. On the moon, the physical conditions are very different; the
atmosphere is, for example, a very different one, and the consequence is
that these beings, when they speak,
acquire the ability of tremendous roaring, the give enormous, terrible sounds. These dwarfish beings can be present within our world as astral beings.

Especially near asylums you find such entities, astral beings with special predilection. “(Rudolf Steiner)

Quelle: Rudolf Steiner – “Das Hereinwirken geistiger Wesenheiten in den Menschen“ (GA102, S.15f)

Die Freie Waldorfschule Springfield


“Als [Lisa] den beiden
altgedienten Pädagogen nach einem Gau in der Schultechnik vorschlägt,
die Grundschule von Springfield einfach in eine Waldorfschule
umzuwandeln, fällt den Herren alles Mögliche ein – nur kein
Erziehungskonzept. (…)

spricht von Kreativität und Lernen mit praktischer Erfahrung und
schafft es, ihre Vorstellungen von der von Rudolf Steiner zu Beginn des
20. Jahrhunderts entwickelten Reformpädagogik nach Springfield zu
bringen, wo fortan in Mathematik mit Erdnüssen gerechnet wird.” (Die Welt)

Quelle: Die Welt vom 20.05.2015 – “ Springfield wird zur großen Waldorfschule” über die letzte Folge der 26. Staffel von “Die Simpsons” (Erstausstrahlung in USA laut Fox: “Season Finale episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, May 17 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT)”. Ein Ausschnitt der Folge findet sich bei Youtube