The flying cars of Atlantis

“The Atlanteans had appliances which they would – so to speak – heat with plant seed, and inside of them the life force would turn into technical force.

Thats how their floating vehicles were propelled. These vehicles travelled at a height lower than that of the mountain ranges of the Atlantean period, and they had steering mechanisms by the aid of which they could rise above these mountain ranges.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, “From the Akasha-Chronicles – Our atlantean ancestors”, GA011, page 29

We must tell children about Atlantis


“We show, that the british isles have risen and fallen four times. That is where we come back to the term of old Atlantis, in a geological way. That can be determined by the layers.

So we try to put these things into context, but we must not resile to tell children about the old land of Atlantis. We must not skip this.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, Quote and drawing: ”Seminars with teachers of the Free Waldorf Schools in Stuttgart”, 1919 bis 1924, GA300, pages 84-85

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