Demons in human shape

“One really doesnt like to talk about these things, since we are already being treated hostile a lot. Imagine what people would say when they hear that there are humans, that are not human. But these are facts.

We wouldnt have this decadence of culture, if there was a strong sentiment for the fact that you have people walking around, that are becoming something that is not humans, but demons in human shape.

But we dont want to trumpet this. The enmity is already big enough.”(Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, Gesamtausgabe – Ergänzungen zu den pädagogischen Grundkursen, GA300c

777 metamorphoses

“So there are seven planets, each has seven by seven conditions, so written in hermetism, 777.

In cryptography the seven in units means globes, in tens it means rounds, in hundreds it means planets. These figures have to be multiplicated.

Therefore our planet system has to undergo 7 by 7 by 7 or 343 metamorphoses.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source. Rudolf Steiner, Vor dem Tore der Theosophie”, Neunter Vortrag, GA095, S. 86

Atlantis and the Martians

“In old Atlantis, you had humans, whose bodys were occupied by souls, that had formerly been on Mars, Jupiter, Venus and so on.

Martians, Jupiterians and so on they were called. Also the outer shapes of bodies were different from each other.

In the first half of Atlantis the human body was of much softer mass, it gave in to the power of the soul.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, “Vorträge vor Mitgliedern der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft”, GA109, page 238