The necessity of beatings

“X.: How far does one go when punishing the children?

Dr. Steiner: That is of course dependend on the case. Best would be, of course, if you had to punish as little as possible. But it can be the case that it is necessary to give a little beating.”

Source: Rudolf Steiner, “Conferences with teachers of the free Waldorf Schools”. Gesamtausgabe, GA300a, page 83

Children that dont belong to the human race

“That girl L. K. in first grade, there must be some bad kind of entanglement deep inside. There wont be much to do about it.

These are cases that are more and more common, where children are born and forms of human beings exist, that are not human, but filled with entities that do not belong to the human race.

Since the nineties, you have a big load of egoless humans, where you dont have a reincarnation, but where the human shape is filled with some kind of natural demon.

You can not establish a school for demons.” (Rudolf Steiner)

Source: Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf School (Steiner Schools), Gesamtausgabe – Ergänzungen zu den pädagogischen Grundkursen, GA300c

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