Did a quick check how this “Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense” matches with the Anthroposophy cult.

At Waldorf Steiner Schools, in Anthroposophical “Medicine”, in Weleda Cosmetics and in “biodynamic” Demeter Foods they believe in:

P – Psychics

Py – Pyramidiocy

F – Fairies

Cr – Crystal Power

V – Vitalism

As – Astral Projection

At – Atlantis

Ak – Akashic Record

Km – Karma

G – Ghosts

S – Spiritualism

Au – Aura

Kn – Occult

Id – Creationism

A – Astrology

Ap – Apocalyptic Prophesies

Nu – Numerology

Cv – Clairvoyance

Av – Anti Vaccination

C – Christianity

Tl – Telepathy

H – Homeopathy

You might want to add some of the others, like a little Buddhism, Hinduism, Tarot, Magick, Ear Candles, belief in Aliens, Angels, and Dwarves.

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