Hi, how interesting that you take so many quotes out of context… And dare to say that all of this is believed in Waldorf education… Nonetheless, thank you, it is very helpful for me to demonstrate how much crap you can say when things are taking out of context (and I don’t only mean the whole page, or the whole book, but also the trend of time…) I would really like to use one of your quote on cite you in my paper, but you didn’t had the courtesy of presenting yourself… Who are you?

Dear Anonymous, thanks a lot for reading Steinerquotes and sharing your opinion!

First of all: Most of Steiners followers rant against the usage of his single quotes, claiming they are always taken “out of context”, german Waldorf School movement does that all the time. But what are you and them trying to express by this? That, with all the context added, Steiners quotes would suddenly not be quackery, would not be pseudo-science, pseudo-medicine, not be esoteric-occult bullshit? They would still be.

This is Steinerquotes, not “Steiners books” – but there is always the original source to those books and always a weblink to the full texts underneath each post. Lots of context is provided! I admit this Tumblr is full of crap – original, uncommented, esoteric crap by “Master Jesus” Steiner himself.

Of course, Steiner has to be viewn as a child of its time, when antisemitism was commonly spread and black people were still called negroes. Rudolf was not racist, simply because he called blacks negroes – everyone did back then! He was racist because he called blacks passive, childlike, driven by sex drive, ugly, a decaying race. Change all “negroes” to “blacks” and it still remains racist bullshit.

But you are right, we all need more context.

Waldorf parents would need some context. Like, when sending your kids to a Steiner/Waldorf school, they hear “Oh, WE dont use school grades to classify your kids!”. But they never hear “Our clairvoyant founder believed that humanity came from Atlantis, where they had flying cars 9000 years ago, and thats exactly what we will teach your kids in fifth grade.”.

Cancer patients receiving Steiners anthroposophical esoteric “medicine” would need context and explanation, why they are given misteltoe instead of a proper treatment.

Consumers of anthroposophical cosmetics (talking no.1 brands like Weleda) also are in need of context. As in “This cream was produced using occult rituals, involving spreading the ash of burned mouse skin on fields, burying cow horns filled with magical cow dung, homeopathy, plants harvested in special moon phases, and occult, ‘energizing’ rituals.”.

So please feel free to quote Steinerquotes anytime in your scientific papers. Its all true, its all there, sources and all.

Anonymous greetings!


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